Business Development in Higher Education

Are you looking to set up a new educational institution? Develop new products and services? Develop more business processes, policies and plans?

Darlo Higher Education works with you on business development, process development, policy development and documentation, and business plans.

Our specialist team can help you with business development in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific.

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  • Governance

    Setting up an Academic or Corporate Governance Board? Darlo Higher Education will assist your organisation with governance set-up processes to ensure that your arrangements put you in the best possible position to excel as a higher education provider.

  • Governance Policies and Procedures

    We work with you to help create new governance policies and procedures and offer review services to help you ensure that your existing platform is appropriate and high quality.

  • Business Plans

    Looking for guidance or help in the development of business plans in higher education? We can assist you in the development of plans including strategic, business continuity, teaching and learning, marketing and a number of others.

  • Board Management and Administration

    Our team of specialists offers help in project management concerning boards and administration.

  • Benchmarking

    Our benchmarking services benefit your organisation by revealing hidden opportunities in economies of scale and scope, and allow you to tap into additional market opportunities that can facilitate growth.

  • Academic Staff

    Looking for new staff? Darlo's specialist service 'Academic Staff' will assist you in finding your academic and administrative staff.

  • Market Research

    With our marketing and sales experience in education, and our leading knowledge of the industry, our team of market researchers can help you understand changes within the market, new products and services, and trends within your industry. You can also find help for evaluation of products and services.

  • Assessment and Moderation

    Our team of higher education specialists assists you to establish standardised marking and moderation tools that are specific to your educational institution.

  • Business Development

    Darlo Higher Education helps you assign and meet appropriate targets and goals through the implementation of continuous improvement methodologies.

    This includes strategies to further utilise and develop existing human resources to create a high-performance organisational structure.

  • Pricing Models

    Darlo Higher Education can help you develop pricing models and services for courses and programs.

  • Academic Grading

    Darlo Higher Education helps you establish and implement grading systems that are benchmarked against similar higher education providers to ensure quality.

  • Grant Funding and Applications

    Services in grant funding and tendering for your next opportunity.

  • Academic Complaints and Appeals

    We ensure that you develop fair, equitable and accountable complaints and appeals policies and procedures.